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Sun, 10 Nov 1996 07:28:59 GMT

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: > I know I'm looking at
: > > the whole process ideally, but I haven't heard any better suggestions.
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: > Here's a better suggestion. End all preference on the basis of what kinds
: > of genital organs or skin hue a person has and hire on the basis of
: > qualifications. A radical idea? Maybe. But the only way to fairness. A
: > much better idea than countering imbalances with preferences. <snipped>
: > Jay

: How does this deal with the prejudice and sexism that still exists? - the
: same things that have helped create the predominance of white-male headed
: corporations and the differences in pay between men and women?
: Just wondering,
: Cynthia

Not to mention opportunities in academics. Not just admission, but
support in all its forms. I suspect those who oppose Affirmative Action
do so because they've never encountered the barriers which A.A. programs
help those who are *qualified* to overcome.