Re: Does physical appearance correlate with personality?

George C. Lindauer (
10 Nov 1996 02:16:09 GMT

Matt Beckwith ( wrote:
: (Jennifer B. Jakiel) wrote:
: >Yeah, I met my double at a pagan gathering once... she didn't have
: >the same name as me, and she was just a kid, but she and I looked
: >a lot alike in the face and had TOO much in common for comfort...
: So many responders in this thread have noted that their doubles were
: not just similar in appearance but also in characteristics of
: personality.
: What do you think about the correlation (if any) between appearance
: and personality?

Well, there is a relationship of some sort but I've never tried to track
it. But obviously, to travel in whatever social circle you travel
in your appearance is important to you andthose araound you. So appearance
and personality are related in that they are both requisits to attract other
like intelligences. Whether there is more to it than that I don't know,

: Matt Beckwith, M.D.