RE: Satanic & Wiccan photos & film footage 4$
Mon, 11 Nov 96 03:46:56 -500

>Satanic, Wiccan and other controversial ceremonial pictures (Color and B
>& W: $7 each) and film footage ($20 each rite): PO Box 7657, Pt. St.
>Lucie, FL 34985-7657, USA

Speaking as someone who is currently studying Wiccans, I cannot imagine
what you are selling can be anything close to useful. Real Wiccans do not
preform their rituals in front of cameras so people like you can make money.
What you are selling is both worthless, and insulting to people who do not
want their religion turned into a side show. In fact, my research has been
very hampered by exactly this sort of treatment.

--Night Watchman

P.S. I have to second the comment to the effect that they would not appreciate
being lumped together with Satanists.