Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Philip Kasiecki (
10 Nov 1996 22:56:55 GMT

In article <>,
Bob Whitaker ( wrote:
: Isn't it nice that all anthropologists -- he does claim to be
: speaking for all anthropologists here -- just happen to be Politically
: Correct.
: Isn't it nice that anthropologists are always fortunate in that
: their "science" always happes to be Politically Correct? Under Stalin,
: their "science" was for Lysencko, in Nazi Germany, for Hitler's
: theories, good white racists in the '20's, and 100% simon-pure
: Poltiical Correctness today.

You know, I've been thinking about something...
Isn't it ironic that Bobby talks about anyone who disagrees with him
being politically correct? I mean, think about this... being "politically
correct" is essentially lying- which is Whitaker's biggest passion. I
guess being a hypocrite follows closely behind...

: Anthropologists sure are a lucky bunch of objective scientists!

Not that Bobby would know what objective means...

Phil "that's a huge problem with him- he talks about things he
knows nothing about all the time" Kasiecki

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