Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Bob Whitaker (
Sat, 09 Nov 1996 12:54:24 -0500

Gregory Taylor wrote:
> More fulminations from the fevered neronal clump named Bob Whitaker:
> >Actually, i am dealing with you Politically Coirrect types on your
> >own very, very superficial level.
> Actually, a really clever person might well have concluded that there's
> little evidence for much agreement by the persons discussing race and
> genetics here beyond a possible agreement that you've demonstrated no
> familiarity with any of the issues being discussed, and that you've got
> this tendency to use phrases like "Politically Coirrect" [sic] when you
> have nothing of substance to say.
> >Your clones predictably insisted that all true authorities in
> >academia agreed that all races do not exist, that all racies are equal,
> >taht all races are absolutely anything Political Correctness requires,
> >when it requires it. I explained that since it is regular policy to
> >deny tenure to young professors who commit heresy inthese areas, and to
> >actually imprison people in Europe for racial heresy, this was no
> >surprise.
> Your reading comprehension seems a trifle lacking here. For those of us
> not living on Planet Bob, what seems apparent is that you've made both
> claims and not come with a single bit of evidence to support that view.
> Zip. Nada. Zilch.
> >Clones cannot answer that, so in ordeer to argue it they had to
> >come up with authorities who disagreed with Political Correctness,
> >assuming their original contention would thereforeew be consigned to the
> >Memory Hole, as it is in your Politically Correct circles. In short, you
> >are not used to being called on things, and you get to forget anything
> >that is inconvenient.
> I'm sure that there are folks who'd *love* to be challenged. You may have
> noticef that several of the interlocuters have done exactly *that.* But
> (and here's the secret part, Bob) in order to *do* that, one must be
> prepared to back the assertions you make. You've not done so. I'm really
> curious about why that should be so difficult. All you have to do is to
> give us the *name* of one of your authorities "fired" for their views on
> race. Of course, your assertion will be a little tougher to prove since
> a couple of folks here have actually given *you* the names of folks whose
> views *are* considered questionable who have *not* been fired. You getting
> the hang of this, Bob? Remember that sequence: Assertion-Evidence-Rebuttal.

What I did was what I normally do: use your own Doublethink against
you. Your clones' argument was originally that all authorities agreed
with them. Knowing how you think, which is always predictable, I got
you to name authorities who did not.
You are used to a Politically Correct environment, where such
Doublethink never gets challenged, so now you think you can forget you
ever claimed everybody agree with you there is no such thin as race, all
race are equal, and all the other stuff you repeat.
You want me to deal with you as if you were actually saying
something logical and original, instead of just regurgitating Political
Coorectness, and I won't do it.

> You've forgotten 2 and 3.
> >Having said that all the authorities, when told by Politically
> >Correct people to jump, only asked "How high?", you now start giving me
> >authorities who defy them. If I had palyed your usual game of competing
> >with you in quoting your captive authorities, I would not have gotten
> >this clear self-contradiction from you.
> The pesky business for you here is that the "authorities who deny them" refutes
> your claim that anyone who holds a controversial view is fired. Since those
> folks still have their jobs, your initial claim has been shown to be false.
> Those things around your ankles are your pants, oh Whitless one. Would you
> care to either modify your initial claim (i.e. "Some persons who hold
> unpopular views have been fired) and name some names? I thought not
> >You are now appealing to those who cannot see this
> >contradiction. IO say screw it, you're welcome to them.
> What sort of academic *were* you supposed to be, anyhow? It sure can't
> have been anything that required a grasp of logic, rhetoric, or grammar....
> Rejoice always,
> Gregory
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