Comments on various ethnographies?

cynthia gage (
Sun, 10 Nov 1996 11:05:13 -0500

I'm trying to choose an ethnography to write about, specifically issues of
economics and kinship. I've narrowed my search down to these thress and
would appreciate any comments or suggestion anyone could offer (you loved
it, you hated it, it was incredibly dense but didn't say much, etc.).
Thanks for any help :) Cynthia

Amadiume, I. "Male Daughters, Female Husbands". 1987.
Colson, E. "Marriage and the Family Among the Tonga". 1958.
Fardon, R. "Sisters, wives, wards and daughters." in "Africa", pp.77-91. 1984-85

Thanks again, I apologize for the lack of underlining (of the book titles)
but I coudn't figure out how to do it :)