Re: Female coders (was Re: help...)

Brandon Van Every (
9 Nov 1996 02:51:03 GMT

Mike McCarty <> wrote in article
> I'll go beyond this. There have been experiments performed which pretty
> conclusively show that boys are more active, and more attracted to
> playing alone or competitively
> disasembling/designing machinery
> whereas girls are more attracted to
> playing together or cooperatively
> playing with other children
> This has been done in more than one culture, and in more than one place.
> One woman has written a book "Genderlects" which pretty conclusively
> shows that women and men have different outlooks on life, not culturally
> induced, reflected in the strategies they use to parse sentences and
> meanings they give to words.

I'll buy that "studies were done," and that they may even be representative
of particular cultures (USA, for instance.) But as a guy who came a hair
away from being a Sociocultural Anthropologist, I will not buy your
cross-cultural conclusions. Very little if anything has ever been "proven"
in a cross-cultural context. Cross-posted to sci.anthropology to see what
folks think....

> It seems to be something connected to the way our brains are wired
> differently.

That's what the "nature" school would have you believe.


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