Re: Forensic Anthropology

Dan Kelly (
Sun, 10 Nov 1996 06:10:48 GMT

Scott Hughes <> wrote:

>I am currently finishing my junior year at Rutgers Univ in Newark,
>NJ. I will graduate in December 1997 and plan on graduate level work
>leading to a doctorate.

> The area I am interested in is forensic anthropology. Any comments
>would be appreciated. Any ideas on good grad programs for this field?
>Any ideas of job prospects in this field?

> I am hoping to use this specialty for law enforcement purposes.

> Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

> Scott


This may be a little help. not much, but a little. There is a page on
the web that talks about forensic anthropology (jobs,etc); however,
considering the fact that it is not my specialty, I did not bookmark
it. Search using hotbot and lycos and hopefully you will find it.