Re: MOST IMPORTANT FOSSIL (A human skull as old as coal!)

Fred Logue (
9 Nov 1996 13:51:48 GMT

In <560sie$> (Peter Stephen Thomas III) writes:

>OX-11 ( wrote:
>: therre is an even more interesting fossil -- in the upper rio grands
>: valley of new mexico, there is the imprint of a bare human female footprint
>: in a sandstone outcropping that is around 10 -60 million years old. The
>: girl was walking and tripped. seh overcorrected by extending her foot and
>: made the imprint in the once soft mud of the riverbank. It left a deep
>: impression clearly visible. You can even see the potho;e she stepped
>: into, and the splash marks extending out from it.....

>Please explain in detail how it is possible to determine the sex of a
>being from a single foot print.

Obviously one of her heels broke and she stumbled. If you tried
walking the upper rio grands valley in New Mexico in Stillettoes you'd
sure as hell know what this guy was talking about.

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