Re: Do Basque words for domestic animals resemble Indo-European ones?

Jonathan Adams ((no email))
7 Nov 1996 21:34:06 GMT

Thanks for your thoughtful reply.
I have heard it said that there is evidence from place names of a
non-Indo-European language surviving up into Roman times around what is now the
French-German border. Also I've heard that the Pictish languages of northern
Britain and parts of Ireland MAY have been non-Indo-European, again from place
names and from certain stone inscriptions which survive. Perhaps it's just a
matter of bad luck that we've lost all the other non-Indo-European languages
apart from Basque, due to four very aggessive cultural movements in succession
in Europe (Celtic, Roman, Germanic then Slavic). I suppose the same thing
happened in Africa with the Bantu group; apparently there's not much linguistic
trace of what was there before through most of subsaharan Africa.