Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Philip Kasiecki (
7 Nov 1996 21:41:53 GMT

In article <55lnbu$cb9@informer1.cis.McMaster.CA>,
Laura Finsten ( wrote:
: Would you like to discuss the evidence that human "races" are (or are
: not) monophyletic, Mr. Whit? Or compare heterozygosity and mtDNA
: maximum divergence among human "races" and among subspecies of other
: primates?

: Or perhaps you would care to explain how you confuse immigration and
: integration the way you do?

: Or maybe you'll tell me what currently unclaimed and uninhabited piece
: of the world you and your fellow racists think you could take over as
: a "white homeland"?

: Nah. It'll be more politically correct blah blah mommy professor
: blah blah blah clones blah blah Nazi Who Wants to Kill Six Million
: Jews blah blah blah.


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