Re: NZ Strange Wall etc.
8 Nov 1996 05:26:27 GMT

This wall caused a media flap lasting about a week earlier this year.
It's in the bush somewhere southeast of Lake Taupo. Theories included

- foundations of an old timber mill
- natural rock formation
- relic of ancient civilization

I haven't heard that any definitive answer has been found. From the
photos published in the papers, it looks a bit like a vertical version
of those rock formations off the Bahamas that Berlitz & co. think are
the ruins of Atlantis. But not nearly so big. The only Maori group that
claimed to know anything about it was Waitaha, a South Island group.
A guy named Barry Brailsford has written a number of books claiming that
the esoteric traditions of Waitaha show they were here centuries before
the Maori.

As for Aus-NZ archaeological links, to the best of my knowledge the answer
is no. There's some evidence that Polynesians may have got as far as
Norfolk Island (though they weren't there when Europeans arrived), but
not to the mainland of Oz.