Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Gregory Taylor (
5 Nov 1996 13:46:01 -0600

Laura Finsten <> wrote:
>Nah. It'll be more politically correct blah blah mommy professor
>blah blah blah clones blah blah Nazi Who Wants to Kill Six Million
>Jews blah blah blah.

You know, I've been reading the Whitless one's regularly recycled
blather thinking that the guy must be squeezing Sterno through
a Handi-Wipe at coctail hour and then logging on - until I checked
out Bobbo's amazing web page, featuring his "book" on Simplism. I
now conclude that even in its polished form he seems to have a bit
of a problem with any number of informal fallacies *and* a marked
inability to understand the notion of citation. I commend his drivel
to your attention - not least for the portrait which festoons page0.
Is Bob considered an exemplary specimen of the white race (I thought
that glasses were out, right? That's why *my* baad air-yen self was
pass'd o'er.

I'm still wondering about his comments on work as a political
consultant - unless he lied every moment he put pen to paper,
who'd he work for...George Lincoln Rockwell, maybe? Precisely
what has the Bob-it claimed about his eddycation and credentials
[in addition to "lexically challenged ranter with an addiction to
anaphora", of course] that map to some verifiable real world fact?

Curious on election day,

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