Re: Flynn Effect ...yes, testosterone

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5 Nov 1996 11:01:06 -0700

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James Howard <> wrote:

>"gifted," or those who score 1400 or more on the SAT. The Flynn Effect
>is a worldwide phenomon. (It occurs in all socioeconomic groups.)

I believe you are mistaken. Flynn and others have identified some 20 or
so cultures, almost entirely in the industrialized first world, where IQ
scores are increasing. Blacks' are increasing more quickly than whites,
and the lower tail of the score distribution is increasing more rapidly
than the upper scores.

These improvements parallel the adoption of prenatal medical care,
environmental pollution controls, and other policies which improve the
developmental environment, especially for the poor, who represent that
most rapidly increasing, lower, end of the IQ score distribution.

>I suggest the Flynn Effect is due to rising testosterone. The effect is
>small; perhaps 15 points in two generations.

A standard deviation is not small!