Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Gregory Taylor (
6 Nov 1996 10:05:48 -0600

Philip Kasiecki <> wrote:
>BULLESYE!!! Brother pegged him perfectly!! He repeats that and
>other "Whit-isms" when he has nothing of substance to say, which is all
>the time.

Maybe Bob's having more trouble spelling and parsing sentences recently
because he's weary of trying to actually locate something like evidence
and overworked by having to carry the White Man's Burden all by his
lonesome lil' chipmunky self. We could offer to automate him with a
PERL script and give the geezer a hand, yes? Oughta take maybe 2 minutes
to produce something that recycles Bob more cleverly than *he* does.

Anyone want to take bets that his "political consultant" job involved
installing yard signs for Lar "America First!" Daley?

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