Re: Females Lead US to Last Place

6 Nov 1996 16:49:25 -0500

>All along I had a nagging suspicion
>that equal employment opportunity had something to do with all of
>this, but I could not put my finger on it. What made things
>especially difficult to understand was the conspicuous absence of
>people of color in my profession. How in the world could I correlate
>the promotion of equality for the downtrodden with the problems of
>my profession when the downtrodden were nowhere to be found?

translation:"Since there's no nigras available we'll have to pin it on the
white women"
As more and more corporations carry more and more american jobs overseas,
and lead us towards 3rd world status, its good to see that all the money
they spent on propaganda has not been wasted, as long as there are people
like you- willing to scapegoat the villian du Jour and easily led around
by your prejudice- oen day the world will be safe for the rich and