Re: anthroloplogy online

John Pettit (jpettit@UVic.CA)
Tue, 05 Nov 1996 12:52:03 -0800

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<>, Brian
Schwimmer <schwimm@CC.UManitoba.CA> wrote:

>You might find my review of anthropology on the Internet useful.
>It was published in Current Anthropology in June and is also posted in
>hypertext form on the CA WWW site.
> "Anthropology on the Internet: A Review and Evaluation of Networked
> Resources" Current Anthropology (June 1996), Volume 37, Number 3, pages
> 561-568.
> URL:
>Brian Schwimmer Phone (204) 474-8577
>Department of Anthropology FAX (204) 275-5421
>University of Manitoba Email
>Winnipeg, Canada R3T 2N2

Do you happen to know of any other online publications in hypertext form?
Are there journal articles besides your own, which is very interesting,
online? If you could send me the URL's that would be great. Thanks.