Re: MOST IMPORTANT FOSSIL (A human skull as old as coal!)

TJ (
Wed, 06 Nov 1996 07:56:18 -0800

Alan Weiner wrote:
> :) I surmized as much. I'm a scientist myself (with degrees in
> Mathematics, Biology, and Computer Science) I think what's going on is the
> split (which seems to be rampant in this and other scientific newsgroups)
> between scientific methodology and faith. Personally, I believe there are
> better forums to debate (if you want to call it that :) science vs religion.

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> >>3) Do you really believe that there is a monolithic scientific
> >>conspiracy that is actually the reason why your religious beliefs are
> >>not confirmed by scientific evidence?
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>I find it very interesting that, for lack of a better term, 'creationists' are trying to use scientific trappings to further their cause. Maybe I'm dense, but I thought religion (at least Christian) is about faith. Why go to the bother of trying to prove what you are supposed to have by faith? I think this means that the scientific process is 2nd nature to at least us Westerners. We were weaned on cause and effect, have actually gone a bit mad about it in some cases, and its spilling over into religion. It's like denying the exsistance of Martians, yet delivering your denial in a Martian language. I actually take it as a good sign! tj (who was raised in extreme isolation of the concept of 'god'...never accepted, never denied, never even mentioned. Until I was 14 I thought people went to church to show off nice clothes and see their friends and sing!)

Falsehood, n. A truth to which the facts are loosely adjusted to an
imperfect conformity. the Devil's Dictionary A. Bierce