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> Hi Everyone,
> This is the first time I have been to this site. I currently hold two M.A.'s
> degrees Theology (more specifically Biblical Literature and Advanced
> I am currently considering pursuing doctoral studies on Cultural Anthropology
> with the hopes of obtaining a faculty position upon graduation. My delimma is
> that this is a foriegn field to me. I am unaware of the top schools or the
> reknown scholars in this field. Please provide feedback by letting me know
> the top 20 schools and the leading scholars in this field.
> Also while browsing this site I noticed that there does not seem to be much
> work in this field. What is the realistic job market like? How competitive
> is it?
> I would be interested from hearing from professors, students and
> Thanks Tanya.
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I am currently a junior at Haverford College and pursueing a b.a. in
social/cultural anthropology (and feminist and gender studies)....I would
ALSO be very interested in hearing about some of the top institutions for
graduate a doctoral studies in Anthropology as I may head in that
direction. I've been under the impression that only the VERY BEST go on
to become "anthropologists" or "ethnogrophers" and that the job market is
quite tiny.