Re: Snake and egg motif

Jack Bernhardt (
5 Nov 1996 02:10:50 GMT

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Torbert/Jean Dupree) wrote:

>I seem to be running across numerous instances of a serpent and an egg
>motif lately.
>Anybody got insight what the meaning of this is and of references to
>examples of it in art, architecture etc.
>Bart Torbert

You might want to look at the famed Serpent Mound in Adams County, Ohio.
Around 1000 feet long, the neck of the serpent is extended and its mouth
opened, as if to swallow the earthen oval egg that lay partly inside its
distended jaws. There are descriptions and discussions of the effigy in
numerous sources. For early, fun, discussions, you might try Gerard
Fowke,The Archaeological History of Ohio (1902), or look through early
20th C. issues of the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society

Jack Bernhardt