Re: MOST IMPORTANT FOSSIL (A human skull as old as coal!)

Alan Weiner (
4 Nov 1996 14:08:00 GMT

I checked-out the page you suggested. Evidently, this guy found
million-year-old human skull bones. They were not fossilized, but were
still the original bone matter. In addition, he found soft tissues,
also not fossilized. Evidently, according to the article:

"However, the scientific establishment has wielded its powerful
disdainful influence deceipt, dishonesty, collusion and conspiracy to
prevent evidence of the most important discovery of the 20th century to
be documented as fact and, therefore, keep us from learning a monumental
truth about ourselves. I assure you I know what I'm talking about
because I discovered these petrified human remains and have had a
ringside seat to the scientific establishment's despicable antics of
suppressing an aresenal of physical evidence."

So, it's obvious to all why everybody doesn't know about this great
find. A conspiracy by the scientific community to supress this find.

Unfortunately for the conspiratorial paranoids (well, just cauz yer
paranoid doesn't mean people aren't really out to get you :) the
"scientific community" isn't a monolithic entity. Big science is big
business. If somebody came out with some real info that shattered a
major theory, it would get out there faster than the speed of light.
Unfortunately, that cuts both ways. Some folks think it's a great way
to become famous.

I'll be happy to keep an open mind about this, but it does certainly
conflict with everyting I've learned about archaeology, anthropology,
etc. To the 'believers' out there who know it's real, based soley on
what the discoverer says:

1) Is it possible to do any scientific experiments on these materials to
either confirm or deny his assertions?

2) If so, what would they be?

3) Do you really believe that there is a monolithic scientific
conspiracy that is actually the reason why your religious beliefs are
not confirmed by scientific evidence?

In article <55kotr$>, says...
>David Weinstein <> wrote:
>> Ed Conrad ( writes
>>>The WORLD'S MOST IMPORTANT FOSSIL, unquestionably, is
>>>a petrified human skull embedded in a boulder which was discovered
>>>between anthracite veins in Carboniferous strata near Shenandoah, Pa.
>>How in the hell can this be possible? The most advanced life
>>back then weren't even vertebrates. This is either a very stupid,
>>pointless hoax, either for advancement or a joke, or else a case of
>>seriously bad practise of science, with no regard to the proper
>>scientific method. Surely this cannot be true.
>Unfortunately, it IS!
>I assure you the specimens discovered between anthracite
>veins are neither a ``very stupid, pointless hoax" nor a joke.
>You see, David, sometimes truth can INDEED be stranger
>than fiction.
>And please don' t mention the possibility of my disregard for the
>``proper scientific method" of investigation.
>Instead, point your finger at the scientific establishment which has
>displayed a total lack of honesty and integrity in pursuit of this
>particular truth.
>And, unfortunately, science's disregard for facts is nothing new.
>Col. James Churchwood squarely hit the nail on the head with
>a few choice words in one of his books:
>>>> ``Our scientists today do not want facts.
>>>> They hate them because it upsets all
>>>> the fairy tales they have been building up
>>>> for many, many years."
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>If the truth really hurts, David, I'd suggest you take a pain pill,
>wait about five minutes, then click on:
>Maybe it won't hurt so much!