Re: MOST IMPORTANT FOSSIL (A human skull as old as coal!)

Ed Conrad (
Mon, 04 Nov 1996 12:50:58 GMT

David Weinstein <> wrote:

> Ed Conrad ( writes
>>The WORLD'S MOST IMPORTANT FOSSIL, unquestionably, is
>>a petrified human skull embedded in a boulder which was discovered
>>between anthracite veins in Carboniferous strata near Shenandoah, Pa.

>How in the hell can this be possible? The most advanced life
>back then weren't even vertebrates. This is either a very stupid,
>pointless hoax, either for advancement or a joke, or else a case of
>seriously bad practise of science, with no regard to the proper
>scientific method. Surely this cannot be true.
Unfortunately, it IS!
I assure you the specimens discovered between anthracite
veins are neither a ``very stupid, pointless hoax" nor a joke.

You see, David, sometimes truth can INDEED be stranger
than fiction.

And please don' t mention the possibility of my disregard for the
``proper scientific method" of investigation.
Instead, point your finger at the scientific establishment which has
displayed a total lack of honesty and integrity in pursuit of this
particular truth.

And, unfortunately, science's disregard for facts is nothing new.
Col. James Churchwood squarely hit the nail on the head with
a few choice words in one of his books:

>>> ``Our scientists today do not want facts.
>>> They hate them because it upsets all
>>> the fairy tales they have been building up
>>> for many, many years."

If the truth really hurts, David, I'd suggest you take a pain pill,
wait about five minutes, then click on:




Maybe it won't hurt so much!