Re: origin of the kiss

James Pannell (
4 Nov 1996 16:41:12 GMT

Mathew Swerdloff ( wrote:
: im working on a book in which two characters discuss the origin of the
: kiss
: anyone have an idea as to the nature, purpose etc of the first human
: kiss?
: please respond via email as well as news post
: thanks
: Mathew Swerdloff

I'd always heard that the kiss started as a way of sharing salt,
a precious, life requiring mineral.

The premise being that the kisser would lick the lips of the
kissee, then the lips being so filled with nerves, they
just started brushing and then well, one thing led to another and
kissing found it's way into our social structure...

take care,

Remembering your touch, your kiss, your warm embrace
I'll find my way back to you, if you'll be waiting..
-- Tracy Chapman "The Promise"