Re: MOST IMPORTANT FOSSIL (A human skull as old as coal!)

Paul Z. Myers (
Sun, 03 Nov 1996 23:44:40 -0500

In article <55kug8$>, (Ed Conrad) wrote:

> (Alan Weiner) wrote:
>> Big science is big business. If somebody came out with some real
>> info that shattered a major theory, it would get out there faster
>> than the speed of light . . .
>to suppress it?
>I most certainly agree!

Wrong again. New ideas WITH SOLID EVIDENCE are the foundations of
careers in science. I, and every other scientist out there, would love
to get our hands on some paradigm-shattering new results...we would
be published in all the big time journals, Science would write a "news
and views" on our research, we'd get funded! As it is, I have to go back
to the hard work of trying to extract meaning from lots of difficult
experiments, instead.

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