Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Gregory Taylor (
1 Nov 1996 23:48:33 -0600

Bob Whitaker <> wrote:
>I think I€ll do what you guys do, and just repeat other€s remarks. I€ll
>just repeat mine.

But Bob - that seems to be all you *ever* do. The best that a good many
of us can imagine is that you'll come up with a *new* tired catchphrase,
and you seem to be having a real problem with that - unless the lack of
apostrophes counts. A nice break from you repeating yourself might well
be simply coming up with one eensy, teensy bit of verifiable evidence
to back those claims you keep making over and over and over.

Here you are in the midst of what's proving to be a very interesting
discussion about the notions of "race" as a socially constructed
notion, some interesting exchanges of view about current thinking on
genetics and the notion of "race", and all this interesting stuff
[none of which seems to be turning out to be much help in terms of
shoring up your paranoid fantasies, sadly] that ought to suggest to
even the most dimwitted reader that there's nothing resembling a
solid concensus, and what's the best you can do? Another iteration
of the blather loop.

> You clones are, as always unanimously, the only ones who think you
>can fool people into thinking you are not demanding immigration and
>integration for all white majority countries, and only for white
>majority countries.

I imagine that the reason that most persons don't think that anyone is
"demanding immigration for all white majority countries and only for the
white majority countries" is that you've not come up with anything that
someone who isn't wearing the same tinfoil helmet or drinking the same
batch of Squeeze as you are would regard as verifiable evidence.

> What I am saying is know to all. Kasiecki-Brown has announced thath,

Hmmm. Wanna quote that one? I must have missed it. That quotation
business is just more of that pesky "evidence" stuff, Bob.

>this is no argument, but the fact is that I grant you full custody of
>anybody who doesn€t know these things.
> Any clown who doubts people are in prison under European Hate Laws
>because I don€t name their names , like Kasiecki-Brown, is your kind of
>moron, and you€re welcome to them. You are also more than welcome to
>the morons who are willing to believe that race isn€t really there.

So what you're saying is that you can't actually back any of the stuff you're
blathering about up at all, right? There's no custody for you to grant, Bob.
That old "evidence" trick works because folks are quite free to check stuff
out and compare your confabulated version of the world with the one that
they inhabit. You're making it easy for the folks with whom you disagree
by appearing totally moronic at every turn, Bob. *That's* why it's not's not the deadly Talmudic mind-bogglerizing rays, and it's
not even the secret subliminal message that ZOG has overlaid on your web
page photo. It's simply that you're turning out to be a complete disappointment
when it comes to making a case for anything except your own ability to
spout the same old, tired nonsense ad infinitum.

> You try to increase your apparent numbers by singing in chorus, but I
>have been in serious politics too long to be fooled. The left-wing
>noise is always loud and well-coordinated, but in real politics, they
>get no following.

If you can detect much of a unison in the recent discussion on race and
genetic patterns of movement, then I've gotta conclude that your reading
comprehension's a little lacking. It would seem reasonable, too, to think
that the only definition of "left-wing" you can manage is simply a term
used to describe anyone who isn't riding the tilt-a-whirl in the Bob
Theme Park for Challenged Neurons; I've seen *nothing* here to suggest
much of *anything* in the way of ideological agreement.

> Meanwhile, I will continue to address my remarks to people who reside
>out here in reality.

Personally, I wouldn't have it any other way. It's always helpful to
have a few stalwart souls which one can easily identify when attempting
to describe things like the desireability of empirically verifiable
evidence, the desireability of avoiding all kinds of informal logical
fallacies, and the importance of analytical reading skills. By serving
as an examplar in good standing of *none* of these things, you do
racists everywhere a great disservice - and in turn, help the rest of us
out tremendously.

So you just stay your baaad, cluesless, bilious se'f Bob.

Rejoice always,

>Fragano Ledgister wrote:
>> Bob Whitaker ( wrote:
>> : Fragano Ledgister wrote:
>> : >
>> : > Bob Whitaker ( wrote:
>> : >
>> : > : Good God, man, don't be such an intellectual slave!
>> : > : Under French and other European law, if a person merely says races
>> : > : are really different, they face five years in prison and a sixty
>> : > : thousand dollar fine. This is enforced.
>> : >
>> : > May we have a citation of the relevant law(s)? Citations of relevant
>> : > cases?
>> : >
>> : > : The president of the American physical anthropologists'
>> : > : association, Carleton S. Coon, was forced to resign way back in 1962 for
>> : > : denying your racial orthodoxy.
>> : >
>> : > Perhaps you should provide more detail.
>> : >
>> : > : You and I both know that anyone who denies your politically correct
>> : > : orthodoxy on campus loses his job. I've watched it happen. Your
>> : > : so-called real bilogists toe the line or are fired, and you damned well
>> : > : know it.
>> : >
>> : > Again, some evidence would be helpful. Would you be so kind as to
>> : > provide it.
>> : >
>> : > : So like a good little authoritarian, you quote those who are under
>> : > : your intellectual tyranny as authority.
>> : > : Every recognized Soviet university expert on Marxism in 1980 was a
>> : > : Marxist. Every prfessor who keeps his job agrees with you. That doen't
>> : > : make you right, it just makes you the establishment's good boy.
>> : >
>> : > Analogy is not truth. Try again.
>> : >
>> : > : And a bully.
>> : >
>> : > In what way?
>> : In other words, "DUHH!"
>> Or, in other words, Whitaker is a liar. Thanks for admitting it.
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