Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Gregory Taylor (
31 Oct 1996 13:39:54 GMT

Dene Bebbington <> wrote:
>Lets see, Christopher Brand author of "The g factor" says races are
>innately different, as does Richard Lynn, they both live in Europe - so
>have they been locked up for 5 years and fined 60,000 dollars (or maybe
>Ecu's would be more appropriate for the non-US centric readers of this

It would seem to me that the most reasonable answer is that ol' Bob has
absolutely no idea of the status of current academic research whatsoever,
preferring instead to substitue his usual blather about cloning and
mommy professors ad infinitum. Such a view would also appear to explain
his "surprise" at seeing a listing of those scholars whose views are, at
present, controversial - he's so utterly outta the loop that he's got
no idea who those folks are. Almost none of the anthro folks here seemed
too surprised to see those names, I note. Looks like their "clone" status
is somewhat more complex that Bob would like us to believe. I hope you'll
excuse me if I don't feign surprise; I'm saving all that up for the day
when Bob manages to do something resembling backing an assertion....

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