Re: MOST IMPORTANT FOSSIL (A human skull as old as coal!)

Paul Z. Myers (
Sat, 02 Nov 1996 22:56:32 -0500

In article <>, David Weinstein
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>In article <5573ab$>, Ed Conrad <>
>>The WORLD'S MOST IMPORTANT FOSSIL, unquestionably, is
>>a petrified human skull embedded in a boulder which was discovered
>>between anthracite veins in Carboniferous strata near Shenandoah, Pa.
>>It means man -- in almost our present form but considerably larger --
>>had existed on earth multi-million years before the initial emergence
>>of the earliest cat-size, monkey-like primate which science texbooks
>>have long proclaimed to be our most distant ancestor.
>>A color photo of the skull, with one side protruding from the boulder,
>>can now be seen in all its intriguing magnificence at
>>The photograph is a direct link from
>>where photos of other Carboniferous fossils, also found between coal
>>veins, can be viewed.
>>Meanwhile, another photo -- comparing the petrified human cranium
>>in the boulder with a modern human skull -- can be seen at
> How in the hell can this be possible? The most advanced life
>back then weren't even vertebrates. This is either a very stupid,
>pointless hoax, either for advancement or a joke, or else a case of
>seriously bad practise of science, with no regard to the proper
>scientific method. Surely thios cannot be true.

Oh, just to correct one error in your post-- although Conrad is a
dimwit who doesn't have a clue, it is not true that there were no
vertebrates in the Carboniferous. There were lots of fish and amphibians.

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