Re: Neandertal flute

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2 Nov 1996 22:36:31 -0800

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Gary Cruse <> wrote:
>In <> Phillip Bigelow <> writes:
>>I heard it on NPR a couple days ago. Whatever it's
>>purpose was, it was well-crafted, with much detail.
>>"Slow-witted" hominids, huh? Yeah, right... :-)
>> <pb>
> Well, no. I downloaded at
> gif of it. There is no detail. It is a piece
> of hollow bone maybe six inches long with
> two round holes in it.

Well-crafted would be a comment on how the instrument _plays_,
not any decoration on it. Flutes with 2 and 3 holes are still
played today for indian and british isles music. They're just
not as common as the 6 hole (timber) and keyed flutes.

When speaking of an instrument, _playability_ is the measure of
the craftsman. I've seen far too many "pretty" instruments that
are unplayable.

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