Newsgroup suggestions wanted
29 Oct 1996 17:46:37 GMT


I recently posted a message to this newsgroup since I am trying to make
contact with those who may be researching the same topic areas.
Unfortunately, I haven't had much response, so I thought I'd ask if anyone
knew of newsgroups to suggest to where I might get a better response.

I originally posted the following message to alt.architecture,
sci.anthropology, and alt.psychology, and have just posted to


I recently completed my Master's thesis in architecture and have put some
of it online. The topic area is a mixture of architecture, anthropology,
and a bit of environment-behaviour research. The thesis investigated the
symoblism of a secular, new building in a small town in rural
Saskatchewan, Canada. If you have an academic interest in these topic
areas, you may find my thesis relevant to your own work:

Grant McKercher