Re: anthro self-esteem studies?

Daniel Maltz (
3 Nov 1996 16:01:32 GMT

Katrina Harris ( wrote:
: I am an undergraduate student of anthropology and I am taking an
: independent study course on research design. I am about to write a grant
: proposal to do a study on low self-esteem in adolescent girls. In my
: literature review, I have found only psychology and sociology sources.
: Does anyone out there know if there have been anthropological research
: done on this topic? Also, I am planning to get my PhD in a few years and
: I am trying to find a good school to go to--specifically in applied anthro
: relating to children and/or maternal welfare--anyone have any suggestions?

The concept of "self-esteem" is pretty much a product of
contemporary North American individualistic notions of "self" and
"identity", so it is not widely used in comparative
anthropological literature, but here is a short bibliography of
anthropological material that does use the concept.

Daniel Maltz (


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