Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Sat, 02 Nov 96 09:22:12 GMT

In article <55acgq$> "Ron
Kephart" wrote:

> This is an extremely important point and one which I hope the people
> following this thread will think carefully about. If within group
> variation is greater than between group then there is SOMETHING WRONG

I meant to write:
For any one attribute, the variation within groups will be greater
than that between groups, but group identity is assigned on the overall
"score" of multiple attributes.
I get the impression that a lot of people who rubbish "The Bell Curve"
seem to think that IQ was used to assign the subjects to their racial groups,
instead of the other way round.
However, I might add, that once it is established that any attribute
(e.g. IQ) has different means for different races, however these races are
defined, then this attribute (e.g. IQ) can itself be used as another racial
marker for these same race groups, should you so desire.

D. MacMillan