Re: Leacock and Samoa

Daniel Maltz (
31 Oct 1996 01:50:12 GMT

DNuz1 ( wrote:

: Any help would be appreciated.........Does anyone know if
: Eleanor Leacock ever wrote or lectured (published or
: unpublished) on her own work in Samoa??

Here are three published references:

Leacock, Eleanor Burke
1987 Postscript: The problems of youth in contemporary Samoa.
_In_: The quest for the real Samoa: The Mead/ Freeman
controversy and beyond, by Lowell Holmes. South Hadley, MA:
Bergin & Garvey, pp. 177-188.

1992 Anthropologists in search of a culture: Margaret Mead, Derek
Freeman, and all the rest of us. _In_: Confronting the
Margaret Mead legacy: Scholarship, empire, and the South
Pacific. Lenora Foerstel & Angela Gilliam, eds.
Philadelphia: Temple University Press, pp. 3-30.

1992 Women in Samoan history: A further critique of Derek
Freeman. _In_: Sex and gender hierarchies. Barbara Diane
Miller, ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp.