Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

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Bob Whitaker <> wrote:

>Jeffrey G. Brown wrote:
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>> > Paul Gallagher wrote:
>> > [...deletia...]
>> > > The tendency in modern systematics is to reject the recognition of
>> > > subspecies altogether for all species, because the definition of
>> > > subspecies is arbitrary and "subspecies," however they are defined,
>> > > have only a transitory existence as separate entities.
>> >
>> > You know damned well that anybody who disagrees with that loses his
>> > job.
>> I challenge Whitaker to provide a single documented instance of anyone who
>> lost his job specifically because he publicly disagreed with Mr.
>> Gallagher's statement concerning subspecies.
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> If anybody out there doesn't know you that in Europe you get imprisoned
>for disagreeing with racial orthodoxy, please raise your hands.
> If anybody out there doesn't know you get fired at American
>universities for challenging racial orthodoxy, raist your hands.
> Brown, I think you're alone.

Bobby. We wondered if, during your recent absence from apwp, if you
had gone into therapy. We see that is not the case.

Still harboring those old paranoia, eh, Bobby?

One thing. You forgot the line about people accusing you of being a
"nazi who wants to kill six million jews." Oh, can't forget the good
'ol "clone" paranoia either, can we? This is really out of character
for you, Bobby. Of course, we are sure it was just a minor oversight
on your part.

Looking forward to your entertaining posts,

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