Re: !Kung pronunciation??

mitchell steven szczepanczyk (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 17:10:10 GMT

Christian P Richard ( wrote:
: How is the word "!Kung" exactly pronounced?

: What International Phonetic Associations symbols are used? Does the
: presence of the click mean two syllables? Is the "u" like the "u" of
: "cut", or is that only the Anglicised pronunciation?

The exclamation point refers to, in the words of a great anthropology
professor I had, an "alveolar-palatal click." So you make that click
before saying "Kung": yep, that means two syllables.

As far as the "u" is concerned, I've always it heard it pronounced like
the "oo" in "food." I've never heard it pronounced as you described; I
suppose that would make it an Anglicised pronunciation.

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