Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Thomas Yu (
31 Oct 1996 16:48:15 -0800

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Bob Whitaker <> wrote:
>Thomas Yu wrote:
> Yu is being a good racist. After all, no one is demanding
>immigration into Asia or racial balance there. He and his ilk are
>demanding massive immigration and racial balance only into white
>majority countries: each and every white majority country, no
>exceptions, and nothing but white majority countries. What he calls
>white racism means that there will still be white majority countries in
>the future.
> In Yu's ideal world, Asia will be Asian, Africa black, and all white
>majority countries brown. You don't have to sghoot anybody to be an
>imperialist, especially an Asiatic racial imperialist.

ARe you really that stupid? You never went to school did you?
What are the 3 languages of china? You really don't know do you?
Well, since you missed out on highschool history, I'll fill you in.
3 languages are, Altaic, Sino-tibbeten, and "INDO-EUROPEAN". Over
1/4 of chinese speek indo-european. During 1500, there were a massive
Persian population who came to china, via the silk road. These Aryans
built Islamic temples, and spread their language all over china.
Now, you do know that the indo-iranians(Aryans) are the most purest
Aryans, next to indians, in india, don't you? If not, study their
language, and you will see how close Persian language is to the
pure Aryan language. (much closer than Germanic, that is for sure)

That is what I don't understand about you Aryans. You love to marry
our Asian women, and create half breeds. you force blacks in Africa
to come to U.S. and then have sex with their women and create more
half breeds. You sail all over the world, spreading your "White mans
burden" to integrate us to your way of life. You incourage Chinese to
to come to U.S. to build railroads. The Aryan controlled U.N. are
trying to build a "new world order government" to integrate us under
one flag, and now you are bitching about integration? Make up your

If you don't want your white majority country to turn brown, then
just why did you bring blacks in here? Can you just answer me that
one question? They didn't want to come here.
If you never brought Blacks to U.S. from Africa, and
you never brought chinese to build railroads, this country will
be a pure white country. you built your bed, now sleep in it.
It is time to take responsibility for your actions.

If not, then go back to Northern Europe where you came from.
I think Ice-land is still an all white country.