Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Jeffrey G. Brown (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 14:50:42 -0500

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> Austria imprisons heretics, too, like every other white majority
> country outside the US.

I challenge Whitaker to name the specific "heretics" that Austria has
imprisoned, and tell us why they were imprisoned.

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> What a relief! For the first time, instead of demanding that I
> Asian public opinion polls or quotations from French law, you actually
> provided some information yourself!

Which, I would point out, is more that Whitaker himself does. He simply
makes assertions, and, when challenged to back them up with evidence,
whines about "clones" and "good boys" and suggests that it is the job of
everyone _but_ himself to provide evidence for his assertion.

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> And Brown can demand I stop lying and show where anybody has
> ever called anyone a Nazi.

Whitaker is lying. I have made no such demand.

I have pointed out that the only person who has applied the label "A Nazi
Who Wants To Kill Six Million Jews" to Whitaker is Whitaker himself. Thus
far, he has failed to provide any evidence to the contrary.


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