Re: Pope and Evolution...

Shannon Adams (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 20:52:42 -0800

Micheal Keane wrote:
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> Damian Hammontree <> wrote:
> >in <550ob9$>, Robin Hood ( writes:
> >>You're assuming that all churches recognize the Pope as being the
> >>"head." The only head of my church is Jesus the Christ, and (last I
> >>checked) He still agrees with creationism.
> >
> >Wow - I had no idea Christ was so ... politically active these days. When
> >you talked to him last, who did he mention he was voting for in the november
> >elections? Or is he a Canadian citizen instead of an American one?
> American. He lives in Salt Lake City. =-)

Whoa! SLC?! Where did you get this?

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