Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Bob Whitaker (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 13:43:57 -0500

Laura Finsten wrote:
> Bob Whitaker <> wrote:
> [...]
> > Good God, man, don't be such an intellectual slave!
> > Under French and other European law, if a person merely says races
> >are really different, they face five years in prison and a sixty
> >thousand dollar fine. This is enforced.
> Not in Austria.

I don't understand this comment. Brown would say you were lying
and demand quotes.
Austria imprisons heretics, too, like every other white majority
country outside the US.

> > The president of the American physical anthropologists'
> >association, Carleton S. Coon, was forced to resign way back in 1962 for
> >denying your racial orthodoxy.
> This is false. Carleton Coon resigned as president of the American
> Association for Physical Anthropology, which is an unremunerated position.
> He was asked to resign by a majority of the organisation's membership
> who felt that he was putting forward his own views as those of the
> organisation. In other words, that he was abusing his position as
> president to promote his own political agenda.

That's what I said. This was a major figure, and it was 1962.
They couldn't crush him like a bug the way they do any young heretic

> Coon did not resign from his tenured position at Harvard University.
> > You and I both know that anyone who denies your politically correct
> >orthodoxy on campus loses his job. I've watched it happen. Your
> >so-called real bilogists toe the line or are fired, and you damned well
> >know it.
> The names of a few, just a few, scholars who deny the "politically correct
> orthodoxy", as you so quaintly call it, and haven't been booted out:
> Vincent Sarich, Berkeley
> J. Philippe Rushton, University of Western Ontario
> Michael Levin, City College of New York
> Roger Pearson
> Richard Lynn
> Linda Gottfredson
> Robert Gordon


Congratulations, Ms. Finsten!
The names you provided here are a milestone!
I have read over a thousand posts from you clones, and here is an
understatement: this is the first time one of you said something I
hadn't heard dozens of times. That is a gross understatement: this is
the first time one of you has said anything that anyone reading this has
not heard before so many times they could repeat it in their sleep.
What a relief! For the first time, instead of demanding that I produce
Asian public opinion polls or quotations from French law, you actually
provided some information yourself!
I am definitely going to look up the names you quoted. It would be a
relief if any disagreement with your establishment line on race were
permitted anywhere in academe.
I do, of course, have some grumpy comments to make.
You remembEr I once talked about the peacenik couple on the bus
with me when
we went into Hungary in 1971? They were all full of the idea that the
Commies and the
West were just alike, so I was fascinated to watch them as we went over
the Hungarian
line. We were going right across the dug-out mine area with the skulls
and crossbones on them, and right by the guards with their fully
automatic weapons, all there to kill escapees. Surely, I thought, they
would see SOMETHING.
Wrong again, Bob. They both went into a hypnotic state, looking
straight ahead as we crossed into the land of their Beloved Fraternal
Workers' State. They did not see one thing. Creepy!
Watching the establishment's Good Boys and Good Girls is a creepy
You and all the other clones keep telling me that all real biologists
toe the line and agree with you on race, but when I point out that they
have to or they'll be fired, so you list some who you now say don't toe
your line.
Good Old establishment Good Boy Doublethink!
You don't notice your contradiction, any more than that peacenik couple
going into Hungary did, but it is fascinating to watch from out here.
On the net, you don't see any substantial number of discussions of race
dealing with race that
doesn't contain the word "Nazi" shouted repeatedly. But when this is
pointed out, you can say, with perfect sincerity, "We don't ever say
Nazi." And Brown can demand I stop lying and show where anybody has
ever called anyone a Nazi. And you both mean it, you really do.
We have all heard your people on the media agree repeatedly that
miscegention was the "solution to the race problem". But this so-called
"race" problem is only to be solved that way in majority-white
countries. Asia is to stay Asian, Africa is to stay black. It's your
solution to the *white* problem, not the race problem. But the moment
this is pointed out, you immediately deny that anyone ever said
miscegenation was the solution.
Good old Good Boy Doublethink. And you believe it, too!
The best thing you could do for industrious Asian peasants would be to
several hundred million of the oversupply into areas of Africa on which
are starving, but which the Asians could make something of. They could
feed the Africans. But that, of course, would be genocide, because it
would be aimed against blacks. White-majority countries only, you tell
us, because that can't be genocide.
Doublethink. And you do honestly believe it.