Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Fragano Ledgister (
30 Oct 1996 12:08:33 GMT

Bob Whitaker ( wrote:

: Good God, man, don't be such an intellectual slave!
: Under French and other European law, if a person merely says races
: are really different, they face five years in prison and a sixty
: thousand dollar fine. This is enforced.

May we have a citation of the relevant law(s)? Citations of relevant

: The president of the American physical anthropologists'
: association, Carleton S. Coon, was forced to resign way back in 1962 for
: denying your racial orthodoxy.

Perhaps you should provide more detail.

: You and I both know that anyone who denies your politically correct
: orthodoxy on campus loses his job. I've watched it happen. Your
: so-called real bilogists toe the line or are fired, and you damned well
: know it.

Again, some evidence would be helpful. Would you be so kind as to
provide it.

: So like a good little authoritarian, you quote those who are under
: your intellectual tyranny as authority.
: Every recognized Soviet university expert on Marxism in 1980 was a
: Marxist. Every prfessor who keeps his job agrees with you. That doen't
: make you right, it just makes you the establishment's good boy.

Analogy is not truth. Try again.

: And a bully.

In what way?

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