Re: Pope and Evolution...

M'Daid (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 22:00:22 GMT

>Your logic is only as good as the assumptions it start with.
>What happens if you assume that the Genesis story is direct divine
>revelation? Does Genesis mention Evolution? DNA? Dinosaurs? Galaxies?

Guess it means that evolution, DNA, dinosaurs and galaxies don't exist
and neither did. Genesis also says the earth was created before the sun.
Therefore, it is an unsupported assumption to say that the earth was created
in six 24-hour days. One can't count of the Bible for anything. One either
believes in it or one doesn't (called "faith"). Which is why there is no
such thing as "creation science" nor is there a "theory of creation."

If the Genesis story is direct divine revelation, then scientists are SOL.
Was it Lord Byron who said (paraphrased): Better to go to church even if
you don't believe; if there is no hell, you've just lost one day a week out
of your life; if you don't go and there is a hell, you roast on God's
Sunbeam electric rotisserie grill forever.

"...una misma realidad se quiebra en muchas realidades divergentes
cuando es mirada desde puntos de vista distintos."

"...cuando el horizonte se fija es que se ha anquilosado y que
nosotros ingresamos en la vejez."

Jose Ortega y Gasset