Re: The Origin of The Cravat (Was: Are Ties Phallocarps?)

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27 Nov 1995 13:26:20 -0800

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>>It appears to me that several contributors to this thread have not
>>really understood Tom's original hypothesis, which suggests that the tie
>>may activate an instinctive male dominance reaction based on penis size.

>Hmmm. The shifts in tie fashion (thick-ended, bow tie, long and thin,
>bolo tie with rocks attched, etc.) might also correspond with society's
>attitude towards masculinity at a particular period. For example, the
>ultra-macho 70's favored very large,thick ties, while the more
>androgynous 80's favored very thin ones.

Interesting. I'm sure there are semi-random fluctuations in such fashions,
since people get tired of the same style after a while, but I expect there
is also some coupling between the direction of those changes and larger
social currents. The whole 70's disco-scene has a wide-tie feel to it.

>I hear that people into S&M like to wear dog collars. Heehee.

That's to symbolize their seperation between the coolly analytical cerebrum
and the lustful carnality of the body.

Also, they're good for attaching leashes.

>>Tinbergen calls this the supernormal stimulus; it's way
>>beyond the possible range of parameters ever found in the natural state,
>>but it pushes all the right buttons to activate a particular instinct.

>Fascinating. Perhaps there is a similar subliminal message being given
>via women's hairstyles. Might the bee-hive hairdo of the domestic 50's
>be a subtle suggestion of a woman's will to "nest"?

I like it ... isn't long, loose hair generally a maidenly style? Matrons
don't wear their hair that way. The beehive might also be saying that the
woman has long hair (else that beehive wouldn't have all that loft), which
*could* swing, if she wanted it to, but for now it's safely spun. Don't
touch: it's like cotton-candy.

>It is certainly in
>contrast with the minimalist bobs of the emancipated 20's flapper (or the
>90's career woman). The bigger the hair, the greater the nesting
>instinct? Move over, plover!

Heh - but remember, I can still let my hair down, if I have to.

>How about beltbuckles?

Yes - hairy-chested macho guys don't wear ties, but a 6-pound belt buckle
seems a lot more like a fashion statement than a device for holding-up ones

Of course, take that belt off and let it swing, buckle-down, and we're
phallocarping again. The seventies also saw some pretty wide belts, now
that I think of it. Belts got thinner in the 80's also.

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