Re: Perspectives on human diversity/races?

Miranda B. Leethe (
26 Nov 1995 17:19:18 GMT

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(Vincent Paquin) writes:

>I have to do a term paper in a class called "Biological and Cultural
>Interactions in Human Evolution", and I decided to focus on the history
>of the scientific study of races. I would like to get an overview of
>the different ways in which human diversity has been studied. I have
>already read several articles and books on the subject, but I was
>wondering if there was a recent article available that discussed this
>particular aspect.
>If anyone can suggest some readings to me, I would greatly appreciate

Have you checked out any articles by Stanford's Luigi Cavallo-Sforza?
He had several articles in Scientific American a while back about the
relationship between the evolution of race and language. There's
probably more recent research if you do a search.