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Andrew Mcnab (
Sun, 26 Nov 1995 20:19:05 GMT

In article <>, (Elliot Richmond) writes:
|>In article <492d5k$>, wrote:
|>> >Newsgroups line:
|>> >sci.philosophy.natural Ancient natural philosophy. (Moderated)
|>> The proposed name for the group is misleading. The full line
|>> quoted above indicates that the intended content is not
|>> natural philosohy but history; and the charter makes that clear.
a limited period also - early modern period excluded

|>> A better name could be sci.history.philosophy.natural or
|>> sci.philosohy.natural.ancient -- there should be some indication
"ancient natural philosophy" indeed

|>> about the actual content.
|>The point mentioned by the above poster was mentioned and discussed.
|>However there has been little discussion of this proposal in any forum.

The point was made but none of the replies addressed it beyond saying that
the choice of name can never be ideal. All the postings I saw thought the
proposed name was misleading. Other names (eg sci.p.n.a) would not be
misleading even if they were not ideal.

|>I hope this doesn't indicate a general lack of interest.

Maybe people were justing waiting for the vote.

Followups should automatically got to news.groups (if I've done it right..)

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