Help ! Please....

Marco Pontil (
24 Nov 1995 11:09:29 +0100

Hi Everyone,

As first let me apologize, I"m not 100% sure I'm posting this news in
the proper newsgroups.If I am worng please forgive me, and I hope it
won't bother anyone.

Since my childhood I am deeply interested in the Egypt culture, now I am
going to graduate and I wish to write a thesis about the relationship
between the Egypt and the Jewish culture. So what I am looking for, is
how many characteristics of the Egypt culture (religion, customs,
architecture, etc.) had being adopted by the Jewish people when they got
in touch with them Egypt neighbors.

I already know some of these information like a psalm, a crowning rite,
and perhaps the structure of the temples.

I would like to know if I can count on you to find out information like
texts (from papyrus or columns) or if you may let me know where i can
find these information.

I would also be very grateful to you if you can help me in finding the
text of the Merenpath column (which is in the Cairo Museum).

Please since I'm using my brother's account and he doesn't read these
newsgropus would you be so kind to answer by E-Mail too?

Thank you in advance for everything.


P.S. I also tried to post this news in
but witout success because our nntpserver doesn't know the address
of the moderator of that group does anyone know it or can post this news
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