Survey for Soc. project

Zygmunt Mioduszewski (
22 Nov 1995 22:07:32 GMT

My name is Monika, and I'm a grade 13 student doing a project on cult
involvement for a sociology class. Specifically, I'm just looking to find
peoples impressions of cults and radical groups. This is just a short survey
for statistical purposes, and all answers will be kept anonymous. Thank you
for your time and input.


1. Your age
2. Your sex
3. Your religious affiation
4. How often does your family attend religious services? (often,
sometimes, rarely, never)
5. How often do you attend religious services? (often, sometimes, rarely,


1. What is your perception of radical groups and cults? (from personal
experience, media etc.)

2. Why do you think people are so easily drawn into cults and radical groups?
(Please note that most members are between the ages of 16 and 25)

3. How do you think these people are drawn into these groups?

4. Any other comments/opinions/experiences you think are relevant.

Thank you once again,