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21 Nov 1995 10:13:05 GMT (David N. Barnett) wrote:
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The foreskin can be problematic in dry environments
> >with inadequate supplies of water for cleaning - hence this practice in those
> >societies."
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Who says that foreskins are problematic in dry climates ?
The climate inside the foreskin is regulated by the human
brain automatially. The penis glans is kept moist and
happy all the time. The surounding temperature is unimportant.

Another thing- why should tribes worry about penile hygiene ?
Most tribes dont even bother to clean their teeth.... as far
as I know.
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> >Now there's a basis for doing some *real* research.
> Also, sand can get in there and be quite an irritant. During WWII,
> British Army troops serving in the African deserts occasionally had to
> endure field circumcisions to relieve chronic irritation.

There seems to be an unlimited supply of stupid reasons for defending
circumcision. Did the Brittish Army find it equally important to remove
eyelids and lips to prevent irritation from sand flying around ?


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