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A classic debunking is The Discoverie of Witchcraft, a late medieval text
which criticized the evidence used in witch trials.


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Robert G. Phillips <> wrote:
>> (Xochi Zen) wrote:
>>I'm looking for texts that treat witchcraft from a skeptical
>>perspective. It's hard to believe that educated people still believe
>>in this sort of thing as something more than manipulation by subtle
>>psychological methods - when I say "witchcraft" I'm referring to
>>things like "spell casting", death spells, etc. I am _not_ referring to
>>the nature-worshipping religion itself... just the idea that one can
>>effect changes via supernatural intervention or some other unseen force
>>unknown to science. Actually, I shouldn't be surprised given the success
>>of religion in general (Christianity, for example, is just as "occult"
>>as any other group/practice with that label attached to it - supernatural
>>interventions, prayer, a being outside of space and time, etc.)
>Try "Persuasions of the Witch's Craft" (I forget the author, sorry).
>The basic idea presented by the book is that people do _not_ work
>magic because they believe in its effects. Rather, they believe in
>its effects because they work magic. Rather interesting reading.
>R. G. Phillips
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