Re: red ochre

Tony Baker (
17 Nov 1995 08:20:08 -0700 wrote:

: One of the most fascinating and equally understudied aspects is
: also
: one of the most pervasive and perhaps one of the oldest features in
: human culture's treatment of the dead - i.e., the use of red ochre. This

snip a bunch

: So my friends, cutting this to an abrupt close, I urge those
: interested
: to post further comments and if you're interested in engaging me on a
: personal note please e-mail me at your leisure. I do have a fine
: bibliography related to the above subject(s) and quite a photographic
: display as well for those scholarly types with like interests. Until
: then, so long...

I would be interested in hearing about tools that might have been used to
prepare (grind) the ochre. It is my understanding that ochre usually
exists in forms other than dust when found in nature.