Re: The Origin of The Cravat (Was: Are Ties Phallocarps?)

Lennart Regebro (
17 Nov 1995 14:35:11 GMT

In article <>, says...
>I never noticed the phallic nature of ties until it was brought up
>here. However, this explanation does beg the following questions:
> - What about bow ties (perhaps they represent the testicles without
> the penis?)
> - Why are ties so soft and flacid?
> - Why are they supposed to stop by the belt (i.e., a tie should not
> reach the genitals)

Is there anyone that has a better grip on the history of the tie than I have?
It's developed out of other types of 'neck-dressing' but I don't know exactly

I don't think the tie is phallic in origin, but it obviously gives those kind
of accociations with some people... :)

If we really liked phalic symbols in dressing that much you could make sure we
would have real ones, protruting in a nice straight angle from the correct
place, like some tribes have.

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