"Real" anthro (was: Re: Male Virginity and Circumcision)

Stephanie G. Folse (sfolse@phoebe.cair.du.edu)
16 Nov 1995 21:59:44 GMT

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>>On 11 Nov 1995 ljcdal@ac.dal.ca wrote:
>>> You're getting annoyed?
>>> Imagine how the real anthropologists must feel about this thread!
>>Do "real anthropologists" read this newsgroup?
>For laughs.
>I had to stop reading sci.archaeology because of all the pyramid power

Geez, following up to my own posts. Now I know that grad school's taken
its toll.

Does anyone remember G*l H*rdw*ck? He was infuriating and full of
self-importance, but at least he could be counted on to be entertaining,
and also had anthropological training to back it up, although he
preferred discussing the "American conspiracy" against him. Last I'd
heard, he'd started his own mailing list to discuss "REAL
anthroplogy!" and then pulled up his tent stakes and left.

Ah, the passing of a USENET luminary...

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